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Coming Soon!

A little while ago, I sent the cassette tapes we have of several family's personal stories to Troy Reeves, Head of the Oral History Department at UW.  Mr. Reeves had his interns digitize the data, so SOON, we will have the stories up on this website, so your relatives all over the country will be able to click on your family's story, and here their relatives speaking, in their own voice, about life in Wild Rose "back in the day!"

Autumn Falls about us!

Well, it's Autumn!   It finally feels a little like it, and some of the leaves in the village are beginning to turn, and fall to the ground!

Things are settling in around the library - Mr. Kent's Storytime is going quite well with some old friends and some new friends as well!  I encourage you to bring your little ones - any ages - to Storytime.  We read books, sing songs, do fingerplays, and create some kind of craft.  We also have a small treat, like cookies and milk or juice!


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