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Missing Copies of the Wild Rose High School Yearbook

Do you have a copy of the Purple and Gold; The Rose or The Wildcat annual yearbook from Wild Rose High School you'd like to donate to the library?  We are missing the following years: 1934, 1935, 1937, 1938,1953, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2004-20015.

These are valuable resources that really show the history of Wild Rose through it's citizens, so I'd really like to have a full set!  Just bring it by the library and thanks so much!

Ray Kaquatosh Coming to speak this Saturday!

Little Hawk - aka Ray Kaquatosh will present a program on Menominee Indian Culture on Saturday, January 30 in the Community Center (attached to the library) from 10am to about 11 am.  If you haven't heard Ray speak, this is a great opportunity to hear his words and passions.  The son of a Menominee Medicine Woman, Ray was sent to Indian Boys School and while there, met a lone wolf in the woods.  They became lifelong friends, the wolf living for many more years to visit Ray when he came back from WWII and from the Korean War.  Ray persevered through many trials, meeting and marrying "the mos

Yes we have "The Land with Jerry Apps", and everything else too!

Jerry Apps' newest DVD -  The Land  is in stock the library!  They are all signed by the notorius famous Jerry Apps, and The Friends of the Library (FPML), will send you one for just a $25.00 donation or mix and match any two of Jerry's  DVD's - Jerry Apps:  A Farm StoryA Farm Winter with Jerry Apps, or The Land with Jerry Apps for just a $45.00 donation, or donate  $60.00 and get all three shipped for free (must be to the same address, these are a fund raiser, after all!).  Price


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