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Annual Christmas Treasure Sale!

It is already time for our Annual Christmas Treasure and Bake Sale!  Every year, as the hunters take to the woods on opening day of gun season, we hold the best little Christmas Sale inthe County (if I do say so myself!).  Through the generous donations of Niedermeyer's Christmas Trees and our Friends - we have  thousands of items!

Time for Fall Fundraising! November 22 is the date!

Twice each year the Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library hold a fundraising event to raise funds for our library's needs - this year's sale is on November 22 from 8-Noon in the community center. 

The funds raised are used throughout the year for many programs: the summer reading program, card creators equipment, Stamping equipment, seeds for the seed library and for the After School Program, which, although we run it a reduced number of days, is still expensive to operate and maintain (the children are so hungry!).


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