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Next Saturday!!! The Annual Mother's Day Plant, Book and Bake Sale!

Yes, as hard as it is to believe, it is almost Mother's Day!  Next Saturday the 13, is the Friends' Huge Plant, Book & Bake sale - featuring 12" potted plants from Heidi A. Heath Farms in Coloma.  Now, at any garden store, you'd pay upwards of $50.00 for plants like this, but we've got 'em priced at $25.00 each!

We also have some very reasonably priced houseplants and perennials donated by local gardeners, as well as delicious baked treats.  The baked treats are all verified personally as to their deliciousness by an expert - me!

Movie Time!

Well, Spring is here and popping up are new movies that have just come out on DVD!  Some of them come from a book, whcih you can check out!

This Friday at 7pm we're showing SING, and I expect a pretty good crowd (the Badgers don't play until 9pm!).  Remember ther's always free popcorn and we'll have bottled water, although feel free to bring your own water bottle and cut down plastic use!


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