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Well, last week's storm sure put a dent in the first week of the Summer Reading Program!  But we're back!  Here's what's happening:  We had a bit of a flub with the invisible ink today - needed to let the paper dry!  We also needed higher heat than the hair dryer!  When I took the dried message and put it in the oven at 400F, it worked great!  We had some fun with the cipher wheels,

Storytime tomorrow at 1030 - there'll be a fun project to take outside and run with

Summer Reading Program!

It's here!  The Summer Reading Program is here and we are klicking it off Tuesday, June 13 at 2pm with "Bricks, Tricks & Flicks",  our Tech Tuesday premier with the  Batman Lego Movie, Lego bricks to build with, and Hot Wheels  cars to play with!

The fun continues Thursday, June 15 with Thrillseeker Dogs at 2pm.  Weather permitting we'll have the dogs on the corner lot across from the library and next to the volleyball net.  If it is raining, we'll move it inside - so stay tuned - we may have to use a venue like the Lion's Club!

Next Saturday!!! The Annual Mother's Day Plant, Book and Bake Sale!

Yes, as hard as it is to believe, it is almost Mother's Day!  Next Saturday the 13, is the Friends' Huge Plant, Book & Bake sale - featuring 12" potted plants from Heidi A. Heath Farms in Coloma.  Now, at any garden store, you'd pay upwards of $50.00 for plants like this, but we've got 'em priced at $25.00 each!

We also have some very reasonably priced houseplants and perennials donated by local gardeners, as well as delicious baked treats.  The baked treats are all verified personally as to their deliciousness by an expert - me!


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