Friends of The Patterson Sell Jerry Apps: A Farm Story DVD

The Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library are the "worldwide distributors" of Jerry Apps: A Farm Story, the Wisconsin Public TV documentary about growing up in Wild Rose and Waushara County.  By special arrangement with WPTV and with Jerry's input, until next February the DVD may only be purchased through National Public TV as a member, or through the friends group.

Little Wild Rose is on the map!  The Friends of the Library have mailed out DVDs to 30 states so far!  I have talked to several people who plan to visit the area to see the places Jerry talks about, and our beautiful County!  Tourists are asking where the Apps farm is , so they can see it today.  This is all great news for our communtiy! 

How to Order: 

The DVD is available for $20 including shipping for each DVD, the retail price is $16.95, so this is still a bargain!  (Remember it is also a fundraiser for the library.)

Please send a check or money order to:

Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library

PO Box 305

Wild Rose, WI  54984


All proceeds benefit the Patterson Memorial Library programs and collection, especially the After School Program and the Summer Reading Program.