I, Robot - Rocket Man!

Wild Rose Rockets and Robotics is on the move! (WRRR!)

Thanks to several donations, we have enough money to buy the two kits we need for the robotics program!  I have ordered the kits which should arrive by the middle of next month, if the builder isn't too far behind.  So the good news is we are going to start deconstruction of Buster in October!  As soon as we can agree on the best afternoon or night for robotics, we'll begin!

I've ordered some tools and electrical connectors and heat tube, and some of my own computer tools will be donated to the cause.  In addition, safety goggles have been ordered, to protect eyes while using the rotary tool.  The Model Rockets will begin in April, so we can launch at the end of May. 

We are still getting funding for both of these programs, if you'd like to donate, please contact me at the library.  We are looking for some items, such as two sets of mini pliers and cutters, a rolling storage cart with drawers for parts, and a storage bin set (I call them Screw Hotels -I think they're called Parts Bin Keepers). with all the bins for small parts like - screws, nails, washers, electrical connectors.  Other things we will have to buy - the rockets kits, for example.

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!" - Neil Armstrong