How Important is Reading to Children?

Reading to your child is one of the most important activity you can do together to give them a foot up in life, to help them grow and prosper.  The State of Wsconsin Department of Public Instruction has just released a program called Growing Wisconsin Readers.  This is a simple program with a handout that explains different ages and wich books to read to them, as well as what to look for as you read with your child.  As a parent, Grandparent, babysitter - any kind of caregiver - just take 5 minutes to read a book to your child!

Librarians, teachers and daycare providers all talk about early literacy and the 5 or 6 skills (depending on who you talk to) which every child needs to succeed in life.  Literacy is the greatest gift you can give your child - and it is totally free to do!  Come in to the library, and we'll help you find books for your children, we'll give you tips on reading to your children and we'll do our best to help you give the special gift of literacy to your child!