World Premiere a Resounding Success! A Belated Thank You!

Wednesday night, November 13, was a wonderful celebration of Wild Rose!  The event was a great way to meet and visit with old friends and neighbors, or make new ones!  The estimate of the crowd I heard was 360 people!  We all enjoyed delicious treats, an amazing documentary on Winter on the farm, and of course, Jerry Apps' humor!

It takes a village -

In my excited nervousness at being asked to speak, I thanked less than half of the people who helped make this event amazing!  This is my tribute to those wonderful people who really did  the work and made it all possible.  If I missed you again - come and slap me!

Because of their commitment to the Library, to Jerry and to the Village of Wild Rose, my heartfelt thanks (and apologies to those who felt shunned) go to:

The wonderful bakers of Wild Rose - Linda Steffen, Marcia Riendau, Jane Erickson, Sue Zuege, Carol Yeska,  Judy Laabs and Grandma Jean (Haufe).

The Stage was decorated with some set pieces; straw donated by Chris Russell of Russell Farms and decorated by Erica and Marcia Riendau - it looked a lot like a nice fresh snow had fallen in the farmyard, thanks to Paula Ausloos for the use of the props!

We had other awesome helpers - Joan and Judy Laabs operated the cashier station and sold books and the first DVD to folks - then they stayed behind to count the money and help me load my car!

Thanks to the Wild Rose Kiwanis for their support, bakery and cashier skills and usher skills

A great big thank you to Brandon Fink, who came out of "retirement" to run the sound and lights for the event

Enormous thanks to Claude Olson and Craig Hayes of Wild Rose Schools for the use of the building

Gigundonormous (huger than huge) Thanks to Mark Williams who helped set up and Justin Bohn  who stayed late to clean up

LAST but definitely not least -  THANKS to everyone who attended, what a great turnout, and I think everyone had a good time visiting before and after the show!

-Kent Barnard, the 'New Librarian'