New Library Hours & After School Program Reminder

Happy New Year!

February 7th marks the start of new hours for the library!  In order to provide better service and based upon usage data, we will be changing the hours as follows:  we will close Friday nights at 6pm , and we will be open from 9am to 1 pm on Saturdays.  This will give folks the opportunity to get her earlyier on a Saturday and get out doing things, or come in a little later!  We did not have a lot of people using the library Friday nights and we had quite a few folks who wished we were openearlier or later on Saturdays.  So there it is~!

I would like to remind parents that the library after school program is in place to give children a safe place to go after school, for those who need it because they can't be home with their children.  PLEASE remember we are not a babysitting service, and we try to help with homework as much as possible, but we do have a lot of children attending, so our assistance should in no way replace parental help at home!  Please read with your children.  This gift of literacy is so important for your child's development.

Our after school program is funded through private donations, we spend over $3000 each year providing a healthy snack and supervision for the after school program, it is only through these donations that we are able to run this program.