SPRING!!!!! Free Vegetable seeds and upcoming news!

Well, it seems Spring has decided to spring! 

There are new things going on at the library this Spring, and I hope you'll find them useful and rewarding!

First, we have started a Seed Library.  We have 12 varieties of vegetables to choose from, and although the seed packets are portioned for a square foot garden, if you are row planting or using Straw Bales, you may get more seeds.  Seeds are free - what we hope is that at the end of the growing season, you save some of your veggies for seed.  Then you bring in that seed, and we pass it out next spring and so on!

We'll have some classes towards the end of the summer on how to save seeds and also how to save your vegetables - canning, freezing and dehydrating. I am working on getting someone her to teach a cooking class or two, so if there is something you'd like to learn, let us know at the library!

Second, in conjunction with the Wautoma Public Library we will be starting a Baking Pan lending program.  This is a popular program at other libraries across the country, and we are very excited about the concept.  We have a few character pans right now, but are always looking for clean, good condition bake ware to include in the program.  The whole idea is that a parent wouldn't have to run out and buy a Spiderman pan for one cake and never use it again - they would be able to come to the library and borrow a clean cake pan!  If you have lightly loved pans, please check with us about donating them for this program!

Third, We're looking for people who'd like to play cards!  Several patrons have said they would like to re-learn card games they played as children or just haven't played in a while.  If you have some interest in some social card playing, please let us now at the library, and we can set up a place and time for folks to have some fun!

There's more coming!  Other ideas are swirling around in my head!  Libraries are changing, but we are still here, in the heart of the village, just waiting for you to come in and check us out!