Movie Time!

Well, Spring is here and popping up are new movies that have just come out on DVD!  Some of them come from a book, whcih you can check out!

This Friday at 7pm we're showing SING, and I expect a pretty good crowd (the Badgers don't play until 9pm!).  Remember ther's always free popcorn and we'll have bottled water, although feel free to bring your own water bottle and cut down plastic use!

The week after, on March 31 at 7pm, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them  will be the feature attraction. This is a pretty good film with great costume work (Oscar for Best Costume Design), and Eddie Redmayne does a great job of protraying Newt Scamander, and the filmmakers did a superb job of bringing a book, which was a list of fantastic beasts, and create a storyline to go with the creatures.  Special effects a re very well done, and it's an all around good show with nothing too scary for little ones.

We've also gotten in quite a few new books so keep an eye out for those! 

Check out the story below regarding a 3D printer...  I think it's something that nearly everyone can use, even if you just want to see how it works - it's great technology that you can make as easy or as challenging as you want!

Don't forget, the Summer Reading Program is coming up fast!  I'm still booking performers and it looks like we'll have some different times - so pay attention to the schedule when I get it done!  :)