Winter is Coming...

Winter is coming.  It is inevitable, like death and taxes.

Stay tuned - we'll be putting some programs together, programs the whole family can come to and enjoy!  We'll do some old favorites like bath bombs, hot cocoa, soup mix, etc.

We have some new ones in mind too, and perhaps a cooking or baking program.

So stay tuned for more free programs at your library paid for by the Friends of the Library and Donations.

Autumn Thoughts

It is now Autumn, when  a young man's thoughts turn to, well I don't know, since I am not a young man anymore!  However, an old guy's thoughts turn to October - National Movie Month! 

We are featuring a different movie every week - the first three will be sing-alongs!  Thursdays in October at 6pm.  (So your little ones aren't up too late!) Sing along to the songs and enjoy fresh-popped popcorn, or bring a snack to eat.

Thursday, October 6 6pm - Tangled - The Rapunzel story re-told with a handsome scallywag, and frying pans! 


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