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Do you like to knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroidery? Join the Knit-Wits!
Join us each Thursday for camaraderie, fun, and crafting!
Everyone and all crafts are welcome!
The Knit-Wits Crafters will meet every Thursday from 1-3pm beginning February 7, in the reading room of the Patterson Memorial Library.

On January 24th, from 6-8pm, we will be making Bath Bombs! This class is in high demand so make sure to sign up at The Patterson!

Matinee of Summer Rental on January 23rd at 1pm at The Patterson! 
After air traffic controller Jack Chester loses a plane (it's covered on his screen by a fly), he's told to take a break. Jack books his family into a plush resort, but it turns out that their lodgings are in a hut by the beach, and that's as good as the vacation gets.

Summer Rental

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