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A while ago, (this is what people say when they reach a certaiun age and cannot remember exactly how long ago), we made Nina Skweres our social media maven, and she has done exceptionally well.  We've learned a lot and Nina is quite adept at getting our stories out there on Facebook and Instagram. One of our fun  ways to connect with our stakeholders (that's YOU!), is to create a newsletter and send it via email, using Constant Contact, which we are able to use at a reduced rate through the Winnefox Library System.

Welcome to June! Here are some of the events going on this month:

11th, 6pm - Card Creators
13th, 1pm - The Knit Wits
13th, 2pm - Rich Baumann
24th, 7pm - Library Board Meeting
27th, 1pm - The Knit Wits
27th, 2pm - Bruce Hetzler Magic

Don't forget to sign up your kids for the reading program!

Hello May! It's finally warming up and starting to actually look like spring. As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers and it sure rained a lot in April so hopefully we'll see lots of flowers this May!

A few events going on this month:

The Knit-Wits meet on the 2nd, 16th, and 30th of this month. Card Creators meet on the 14th, and make sure to sign up to guarentee a spot! On May 16th at 6:15pm, we'll be showing Ralph Breaks the Internet! This movie is one of the most popular new films so make sure to come on in and see it! On May 23rd at 6:15pm, we'll be showing How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World! Make sure to stop by!

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