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Autumn is beginning - October Events are Set!

Autumn approaches and in some spots has begun, we see a few trees beginning to change, and there is the crisp scent of Autumn in the air!

October brings evnts and programs! (all programs except women in Jazz will be live and in person at the Wild ROse COmmmnutiy

October 7 - 7pm  Let's Get Cracking!  Wisconsin Hickory Nut Association will present a program on Hickory Trees and Wisconsin! You'll learn about the amazing Hickory and all it gives us!  You'll also get to crack open Hickory nuts and eat them!

Thank you to everyone who bought plants and helped make our sale a huge success!  We raised over $1600 which will pay for this year's summer performers!

In other news, the Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library have agreed to pay for the digitization of our old newspapers from 1900 or so!  This means that one day we will have the newspapers on our site, so anyone can read them!

Thank you so much friends!  If you would like to join the Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library, contact the Library!Friends at the 2021 plant sale


Do you like to knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroidery? Join the Knit-Wits!
Join us each Thursday for camaraderie, fun, and crafting!
Everyone and all crafts are welcome!
The Knit-Wits Crafters will meet every Thursday from 1-3pm beginning February 7, in the reading room of the Patterson Memorial Library.

Mr Kent's Storytime will be on Summer Vacation From June 16 until August - but stay tuned!   Mr. Kent,  Mrs. Erin & Friends may just be back on YouTube this summer!

Join us! 

Please - Help your child by reading with them!



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