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It's that time again...

Well, another Summer Reading Program come and almost gone!  We'll have the End of SRP Picnic Thursday, the 6th of August, from Noon to about 3:30 at Roberts Park.  Come enjoy the picnic - we'll have hotdogs and corn, along with some salads to eat!  I'll have bottled water and juice or milk!

The picnic also features the 4H of Waushara county performijng a STEAM project with the kids!  We'll have the picnic lunch first, then after everyone is done, we'll draw some names for a special prize (8 winners!), and then the kids will go over and create some dessert parfaits with the 4H!!!

Summertime... and the Readin' is easy!

Summer READING Program

School's out for summer, the boys are back in town and summer programming kicks off NOW!  Don't miss out on fun, reading and FREE BOOKS!  Every child signed up for the Summer Reading Program will be given a free book to start the summer off right and another free book when they finish the program!  We also have fun bookmarks, great performers and free bumperstickers when you reach the halfway point of the summer reading program!


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