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Gardening is HUGE in Wild Rose!

You have a neighbor that gardens.  I'm willing to bet almost everyone in Wild Rose does.  True to our Welsh, German, English and Norwegian roots - we are a garden village!  Once we were the Village of Roses - there were a lot more roses then.  Yet, gardens continue to bloom, vegetables grow and what the deer, gophers or rabbits don't get  - we enjoy with our families and friends!

The Seed Library - Bigger and Better!

I know what you're doing.  Everyday another seed catalog comes, and you begin thinking of what to plant this year.  What did your family enjoy, and what didn't pass muster?  I'm happy to announce that this year, our Seed Library will be bigger than ever, with more varieties of HEIRLOOM seeds to choose from, and without the limitations of portions for square foot gardening!  This year we are asking that the seed you sow you collect some of at the end of the year - as we are part of the Seed Savers organization - committed to keeping these heirloom varieties alive!  Don't worry - there will b

Annual Christmas Treasure Sale!

It is already time for our Annual Christmas Treasure and Bake Sale!  Every year, as the hunters take to the woods on opening day of gun season, we hold the best little Christmas Sale inthe County (if I do say so myself!).  Through the generous donations of Niedermeyer's Christmas Trees and our Friends - we have  thousands of items!


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