Hi and welcome to my blog!  There's tons of things happening at The Patterson!

We have a few changes in progress at the library. 

Children and Teens are our future users and patrons.  My aim is to create life-long readers and learners!  You'll notice that the Children's and Teen areas are a little more defined, giving each their own space.  These spaces are reserved for the Children and Teens - adults are asked to please use the reading room. 

We're moving the Children's nonfiction to the Children's Area, and have moved Children's Videos to the Video area (VHS).  Although Children's Non-fiction is presently still next to adult non-fiction, it will switch places with the reference books, making it easeir for children to select non-fiction works. 

We've moved the Local History/Genealogy section to the North side, and are working on creating an office area for local businesses that need space for creating advertisements, scanning and copying, etc.  We're hoping to get an LSTA grant  to fund this project, which would include a computer, scanner/printer movable walls, software and hardware for audio/video recording, and a large monitor.  The space will be able to be reserved for 2 hour increments, with a sign-up sheet, so that those local businesses that need an "office" would be able to reserve the space.

Puzzles!  We now have a pretty good assortment of Jigsaw puzzles you can check out!  Located on the bottom of the reference shelves near the circulation desk, soon to have their own home.  If you have puzzles you want to donate, please bring them in!

Due to the large number of donated books and videos (THANK-YOU!), we moved the Friends of the Patterson Booksale Bookcase  away from the wall to allow shopping  both sides.  (Mark your calendar now for the Widow's Weekend Christmas Sale which will be Saturday, November 17).

If you have any series you read, subjects you're interested in, favorite authors - please let us know!  This is your library, we do our best to keep the collection current and if there is a lot of interest in a series, we'll try and get it in!  Suggestions are always welcome!

Mr. Kent's Storytime begins at 10 am September 5, and will run every Wednesday through November14!  There will be books, felties, storytelling, puppets, songs, fingerplays, crafts and coloring - fun for all!  Come and enjoy the fun with your toddler and baby!

Finally, for those of you who haven't heard:  Jennilee (member of the library board) and Todd are the proud parents of Ella and Caleb, fraternal twins born Thursday, July 26 at 11:26 and 11:42 pm, respectfully!.  You can see their baby pictures by going online to St. Michael's Hospital and clicking on the online nursery, or simply following this link:  http://ministryhealth.org/display/router.aspx?docid=556&facility_Id=4&parents_id=17031


Come in today and see what The Patterson has to offer!

Mr. Kent