Make It A Jerry Apps Christmas!

The Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library and Jerry Apps have exciting news!  The Friends are selling the DVD, "Jerry Apps: A Farm LIfe" and Jerry's new novel, "Tamarack River Ghost," as individual sales or as a bundle (book and DVD) together, at reduced rates, and they will also ship them out to interested parties across the nation! 

We have plenty of copies of the DVD and Book in stock at the library, and here are the prices:

DVD   Jerry Apps: A Farm Story    Retail $16.95  FPML price $15.00  ($20.00 shipped 1st class - each additional DVD add $2.00 for shipping)

Book   Tamarack  River Ghost       Retail $26.95   FPML price $22.00  ($28.00 shipped 1st class - each additional book add $3.00 for shipping)

DVD/Book  Retail $43.90  FPML bundled price $35.00!   (Shipped $43.00  shipped 1st class - addditional shipping charge of $4.00 per "bundle")

Just give us a call at the Patterson Memorial Library, 920-622-3835, and let us know what you would like.  Unfortunately we can only accept checks or cash, we have no way to accept debit or credit cards.