Ice Age 4: Continental Drift - Rescheduled for Friday, December 29

In a strange twist of irony, last Thursday, due to the snowstorm, we canceled Ice Age: Continental Drift.  I mean, isn't that funny?  We canceled a movie about the ice age because of too much snow?!  We have rescheduled the movie for 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm this Friday night, December 28.  There will be popcorn and some bottled water (1 per person - free refills from the water fountain!).

Of course, the library was open Thursday, serving coffee to adults and hot chocolate to the children, and enjoying some of the many baked treats brought in to us by our wonderful patrons!

A HUGE  THANK YOU goes out to Perry and Luke, the hardest working men in Wild Rose!  They began their day early Thursday morning, and ended it very late Thursday night.  The entire day was spent plowing, shoveling, scooping and moving the 10 inches of snow we received!  These two men have my undying thanks, and they should have yours as well!  For those of you who don't know them, Perry and Luke are the two village maintenance men.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Come out Friday night and enjoy the movie.  For those of you who absolutely cannot be without texting, we'll have the tables in the back reserved for you, that way you can all bother each other.

I encourage you to dress warmly.  Might bring a blanket for the little ones - we'll have the sitting squares on the floor for them, so they can see, and we'll have the movie adjusted up high, so no one's head gets in the way!  If you'd like to bring your own pop or snacks please do!

As always the movie is free!