Cake Pans, Bake Ware, Jello Molds! Time to check them out!

Well, we got the first 9 cake pans all ready to go!  They are all character cake pans, but we have some loaf pans, springform pans, Jell-o molds, etc coming soon!

Why?  When I was interviewing in Iowa, one of the things they told me about was their baking pan library.  What a great idea!  Suppose you have a young boy who loves Spiderman - THIS year - now you don't have to run out and by a pan, you come to the library and check one out!  Barbie?  No problem.  Lighning McQueen.  Piece of cake! 

I know you love your kids.  I also know you don't want to have to buy a pan every year of a different charactor!  Who can afford that?  So, come see us - check out a pan and bake a lovely cake!  (we are also happy to provide a taster to ensure the cake's quality...). 

If you happen to have bought a cake pan and you never use it (or sheet pan, etc.)  Bring it in!  We would love to have your donations of lovingly used, clean bake ware!  We will engrave on the side of it, though, so please be sure you want it out of you cupboard!

Cake pans are right up front - we'll even give you a laminated set of instructions for you to decorate your cake like a pro!  Pans must be checked out from the Patterson Memorial Library and returned to us - clean, please!