3D Printing and Scanning at your library! SOON!

It's Here!

Thanks to the members of the Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library, we were able to purchase a 3D printer and a 3D scanner!  This equipment will allow you to come to the library, download a file from the internet, or scan something (say a part for your car), and scan it or send the file to the 3D printer, which will then create a copy using whichever filament you choose. 

We are pretty close to having the printer calibrated - but it's not quite there yet -soon!

There are a few rules:

1.  You must first take a short course on how the 3D printer and scanner work, then sign a waiver (of course), since the print head can reach temeratures of over 500 degrees!

2.  You must have a valid library card without fines or lost charges.

3.  In the event the demand is very great - you may have to sign up for time. 

4.  No, we will not print your project for you!

There will be an announcement coming soon on classes for the printer and scanner, so stay tuned, we should have it up and running by November! 

I am open to suggestions for CAD/3D software, (preferably free). 

If you have 3D printer experience, I would love to talk to you, and possibly have you teach a course on using our printer.

Contact me at the library in person, by phone at 920-622-3835 or by email, director@wildrose library.org.

Looking forward to seeing you!