Growing Pains

No, not the 80's (90's?) sitcom, but the learning curve on the 3D printer has been a bit steeper than I thought it would be.  However, we have gotten some truly awesome prints so it's getting there!

It is pretty frustrating, and I want to have everything resolved so that when the Summer Reading Program is going on, we'll be able to have it running and printing cool stuff.  I have talked to al lot of 3D printer owners, and our problems, our growing pains are not unusual, but they aren't helped by the fact that I'm not here to help resolve problems.  If there is anyone out there with Prusa I3 Mk2s or other 3D printing experience and they would like to lend a hand getting our machine zeroed in, please contact me!

FUN things - this weekend is the 29th Annual Mother's Day Plant, book and Bake Sale.  Saturday, May 12, 9am to noon, lay your hands on the most beautiful, large arrangements  for only $30.00 each.  We also have the coveted Starry Night Petunias (limited number) available.  These are the most beautiful petunias you've ever seen!

Don't forget the personally-taste-tested home baked goodies!  I have painstakingly taken one for the team here, to ensure these goodies are up to my very high standards. (don't tell my doctor!)

See you Saturday!