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New Internet Use Policy

On Monday, January 23, the Patterson Memorial Library Board of Trustees voted and passed our new internet policy.  Our old Policy had nothing about wi-fi use, and so that is now incorporated in our new policy.  Please remember that our wi-fi is not intended to replace wi-fi in your home for streaming video or audio content for more than a few hours.  The wi-fi is on every day from 6am until 12 midnight.

It is also expected that you will use tthe wi-fi responsibly, and not for any illegal purpose (the same as our internet use inhouse policy).


Please watch Facebook for up to the minute closing information!

Winter has really smacked us down lately, but there is still a silver lining... The Packers are in it! 

But a reminder - watch your step on our sidewalks and especially in the road - the ice is extremely dangerous.

Be careful out there!

It's the Annual Christmas Treasure Sale!!!!

Mark your calendars, start your engines... go!  It's that time of year, the Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library are hosting the Annual Christmas Treasure Sale this Saturday, November 19 (opening day of gun season) from 9am-Noon.

You know the sale and love it, remarkable bargains on ornaments and donated items, all at rock-boittom prices!  Outifit your home and tree for just a few dollars!  There will also be delicious home-baked goods from the best local bakers and used books from our Friends Book Sale area!


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