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Friends of The Patterson Sell Jerry Apps: A Farm Story DVD

The Friends of the Patterson Memorial Library are the "worldwide distributors" of Jerry Apps: A Farm Story, the Wisconsin Public TV documentary about growing up in Wild Rose and Waushara County.  By special arrangement with WPTV and with Jerry's input, until next February the DVD may only be purchased through National Public TV as a member, or through the friends group.


Hi and welcome to my blog!  There's tons of things happening at The Patterson!

We have a few changes in progress at the library. 

Children and Teens are our future users and patrons.  My aim is to create life-long readers and learners!  You'll notice that the Children's and Teen areas are a little more defined, giving each their own space.  These spaces are reserved for the Children and Teens - adults are asked to please use the reading room. 

Summer Reading Comes to an End

We've only just begun.  With the end of the Summer Reading Program this Thursday, it's seems the summer is flying by (on a great, hot scirocco!).  There is a lot going on here at the library, and the best way to find out what's new is to visit our Facebook page and Like Us!  Just follow the link down below by the new Social Media Policy, or click here!  Facebook  If you like us, you win a trip to the Treasure Chest! (adults too!).


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